Mexico City is consolidated as the “Culinary Capital” of the country and Latin America. It is enough to walk its streets to verify that in every corner we can find manifestations of the vast gastronomic diversity of all the regions of Mexico. Particularly in the best restaurants in the country according to the ranking of “Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants”.

Many of these restaurants have made their own interpretation of the classic Mexican dishes, in addition to paying homage to the preparations and products, adopting a sustainable approach that makes them stand out. Start the year discovering each one of them on the following gourmet route.



Hand in hand with Enrique Olvera, Pujol has achieved what few have: established itself as the “Best Restaurant in Mexico”. Its position number 3 in the list of the best restaurants in Latin America, and position 12 in the world, support this statement. In addition, in 2019 it was named by the 50 Best organization as the Best Restaurant in North America. In his kitchen, a tribute to gastronomy is present and chef Olvera is committed to Mexican techniques and ingredients.



Alejandra Flores and Jorge Vallejo add their personal perspective to Quintonil, which last year was ranked 11th on the list. In his proposal, the ingredients from the Mexican territory are the protagonists of his avant-garde cuisine, which is characterized by combining different techniques to print them later on the flavors of his dishes.

Sud 777

sud 777

Ranked 16th among the best restaurants, Sud 777, led by chef Edgar Núñez, is a restaurant focused on Mexican vegetable cuisine. Its ingredients come from its own garden, which each season brings together the best products to make up its menu, which seeks to explore the infinite possibilities offered by each of them.



The magic behind this restaurant lies in the ingenuity of the ched Elena Reygadas, who has prioritized a deep respect for the Mexican ingredient. Ranked 27th on the list, the establishment constantly changes its menu to express the flavors of the ingredients according to their availability in each season, making it one of the best restaurants in the country.

Maximo Bistrot

maximo bistrot

Chef Eduardo García shares the same vision of many of his colleagues in his restaurant by prioritizing seasonal products in his dishes. For this reason, his menu is constantly changing and is nourished by fresh ingredients that the cook personally chooses at the Central de Abasto or in Xochimilco, directly in the chinampas. In 2019 Máximo Bistrot was ranked 28th among the best restaurants in Latin America.