mexico food cost

Today we invite you to take a walk through the prices of meals in Mexico, for this, we will compare the prices of fast food chains, a la carte restaurants and also the daily menus for lunch (perfect options for those who are short of money and still want to eat well), and breakfasts. The prices that you will see are expressed in US dollars.

Is it expensive to eat in Mexico?

Did you know that eating in Mexico can be even cheaper than eating in several Latin American and Caribbean countries? With this we can easily answer the question that we ask ourselves previously and say no, it is not expensive to eat in Mexico (knowing how to choose the places to eat). The average price of a lunch for two people (two courses, drink and dessert) in a good quality restaurant where you can choose your dishes is around 20 USD to maybe 30 USD. If you prefer to eat some fast food you can visit a famous chain and pay between 4 to 10 USD for a very tasty meal, but you already know that it is not so healthy. If your menu does not include drinks, we will tell you that bottled water can cost around USD 0.55 and that a soda can cost USD 0.74. To finish your meal, they ask for a rich coffee that has a price of 2 to 3 USD. 

How much does a lunch cost in Mexico?

If you want to eat in a cheap restaurant and enjoy a healthy meal, your best option is a menu of the day that in Mexico can cost between 4 and 6 USD (depending on the place). You can tell the difference of 6 USD or even more between dishes in a la carte restaurants and restaurants with a menu of the day.

What does the menu of the day include?

As is the most usual for the menu of the day, in Mexico they include a simple but very good starter or starter, a good main dish and in different places they offer a dessert or a drink along with the menu. Regarding the types of dishes, this totally depends on the restaurant, what we do assure you is that in the vast majority you will have well-balanced dishes with a good amount of food (something characteristic in Mexico).

How much does a breakfast cost in Mexico?

It will depend on the establishment or cafeteria, but a latte or cappuccino costs around 45 Mexican pesos, or 2 USD, while an espresso coffee costs about 30 pesos, the equivalent of 1.50 USD.