mexico food culture

Mexican cuisine is known for its delicious flavor and its great variety. Its origins date back to the pre-Hispanic period, when a large number of dishes revolved around corn, along with other ingredients such as chili peppers, beans, squash, avocado, tomato, cocoa, nopal, rabbit meat, armadillo and turkey, as well as insects, frogs, turtles and a wide variety of fruits such as plums and pitayas.

With the arrival of the Spanish, there was also a mixture of gastronomy and pre-Columbian dishes were enriched with the introduction of fruits, sugar, oil, cereals such as wheat, spices such as oregano and black pepper, cattle, sheep, chickens. , pigs, milk and rice, among others. This is how the dishes that have given worldwide fame to Mexican Gastronomy such as mole, chiles en nogada, lime soup, cochinita pibil, carnitas and the famous tacos, among others, were born.

Drinks such as tequila, beer, fresh waters from various tropical fruits, atole, champurrado and of course chocolate also emerged. As for desserts, Mexican cuisine also has its important contributions with flan, capirotada and the wide variety of traditional sweets made with milk and sugar.

In 2010, the traditional cuisine of Mexico was recognized by UNESCO on its list of Intangible Heritage. In this section we talk about the typical dishes of each of the country’s tourist destinations, as well as the recipes so that you can make and enjoy them whenever you want. In each of the places you visit in Mexico, gastronomy will always be an attraction, enjoy it!